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Pop That Beauty Community Guidelines

We want all of our members to have a positive Pop That Beauty experience and get the best out of our amazing platform. Therefore we have established these guidelines which should be read in addition to our Terms and Conditions, so that everyone is sure to do the right thing and use Pop That Beauty to everyone’s advantage.

Please be aware that any violation of these guidelines or our Terms and Conditions may result in account suspension or termination. So, please take a few minutes for reading them.

  1. Account eligibility

You must be at least 18 years old to create an account.

Additional eligibility requirements for professionals are:

  • Legal work rights in Australia
  • ABN registration
  • At least one formal qualification for the offered services
  1. Sharing contact information

To maintain the integrity and safety of Pop That Beauty, we will not share any of your contact information before a booking is not confirmed. Professionals and clients can use our messaging system to communicate and clarify any questions before an appointment is booked. Exchange of email or website addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers or third party account information, like Facebook, is not permitted.

  1. Expected behaviour

The rule of thumb is to treat others as you want yourself to be treated. On Pop That Beauty, we expect our users to:

  • Be respectful and courteous
  • Be on time for appointments
  • Wait for up to 10 minutes if the other party is late
  • Complete any pending actions from their side (e.g. booking acceptance, appointment confirmations, no-show confirmations etc.) in a timely manner i.e. as soon as possible
  • Give honest reviews
  • Give constructive feedback for negative experience
  • Not use CAPS in reviews or private messages to express anger
  • Report abusive content, material or behaviour that violates guidelines by contacting us
  1. Untolerated behaviour

To protect other users from having a poor experience, Pop That Beauty will not tolerate:

  • Any kind of discrimination, racism, harassment, threats, sexual misconduct or violence
  • Inappropriate or abusive language
  • Using of private messages for unwanted contact
  • Any use of alcohol or drugs by professionals during an appointment
  • A state of intoxication by clients during an appointment
  1. Untolerated use of website

We believe that we very clearly describe the purpose of our website and the advantages it can bring to our users. Any unauthorised use such as the ones listed below and the ones stated in our Terms and Conditions will not be tolerated.

  • Creating fake profiles for unintended purposes such as promoting business or gathering member information
  • Giving fake reviews or paying someone to give reviews
  • Transferring accounts or having duplicate accounts
  • Spamming, posting of links, contact information or advertising material unrelated to own profile aiming personal or financial gain
  • Selling services or products other than intended by Pop That Beauty
  • Using Pop That Beauty for unintended, non-commercial purposes
  • Harvesting member information
  • Lead generation
  • Using material with copyrights without authorisation
  • Copying other people’s content without permission

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